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Xtreme-Players Server Update 3.0

written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Thursday, July 10th 2014, 1:26pm

Fixing Bugs: 0%

Work Status: 100%

Certainly everybody know that we have on server outdated resources and now when i'm server owner i want revamp it, so in this thread i show it to you. Everything what will be in new server update 3.0 you can see in 3.0 list below of this text. Of course again my good friend Euphoria helped to me with some testing and he made video about dashboard functions. These days i'm finishing new race gamemode with amazing new things. Now i have BETA version of 3.0 and i hope and think that update 3.0 can be on server 1.8.2014 but it isn't 100%! I hope that players will like our new update and server will visiting more players and we can have fun. I thank to Euphoria with video, graphics and testing, [XP]-Partyy- with help with testing and consultation and thank to my next friends Cor[ka] and Je[PS] with testing. So in next texts you can see more informations about server update 3.0. In this moment i have 85% finished update.

List of new things:
-New race gamemode
-Profile viewer
-New login panel
-New help panel
-Hide everythings on screen
-New entering
-New userpanel (dashboard)
-Anti-Bounce system

-New scoreboard
-New infernus skins

F1 - User panel
F2 - Shop
F3 - Carfade
F4 - Carhide
F5 - Hunter Top Times
F6 - Anti-Bounce System
F7 - Wish maps
F8 - Console
F9 - Help panel
F10 - Infernus Panel
F11 - Map
F12 - Hide everything on screen

Special thanks:
-Euphoria (testing, video, graphics)
-[XP]-Partyy- (testing, consultation)
-Cor[ka] (testing)
-Je[PS] (testing)

-[XP]~VexaR3^ (infernus skins)

Information video about dashboard functions made by Euphoria:

Xtreme-Players Gadget 2.0

written by [XP]-Partyy- at Monday, May 26th 2014, 3:59pm

Hi Guys [XP]~iZerO! created a XP - Gadget for us Special Thanks to him!

Hi , u remember the XP gadget? Well this is a better version.


  • Join to the server automatically.

  • Join the forum.

  • Join the XP Teamspeak.

  • See the team.


Mfg. Partyy


written by [XP]-Partyy- at Saturday, May 17th 2014, 2:54pm

Pls send me all maps Forum or Skype :D I can upload now. All maps that u have Pls!

Our Clan-System

written by [XP]Manuel at Sunday, June 30th 2013, 2:06pm

~~~XP server has: Owners, Admins, Mods, Members, Trial-Members.


Trial-Members are cyan.


DM Race server:
1) /pblow

Freeroam server: /

Permissions on forum:
Trial members are allowed to only make/read/reply threads on forum, and obligated to be at least once in 4 days active.

They can't see clan intern chat '/xpc';
Admin level 0.
They have permission to write 'for it' or 'not for it' on any of the apps.


Members are green.


DM Race server:
They have 'O' Panel

1)/police 285

Permissions on forum:
Members are allowed to only make/read/reply threads on forum.

Admin level: 1.
They have permission to write 'for it' or 'not for it' on any of the apps.


Moderators are yellow.


DM Race server:
1)They have 'O' panel
3)They have /pblow
5)They have /redo

1)They have 'P' panel
3)/police 285

Permissions on forum:
Moderators can delete sentences from chatbox. They have permission to say 'for it' or 'not for it' on any of the apps.

Admin level: 2.

Admins are blue.


DM Race server:
1)They have 'P' panel
2)They have mods and members' commands
3)They have 'O' panel

1)They have 'P' panel with more commands
2)They have /duty
3)They have /police

Permissions on forum:
They can close threads, pin threads. They can't accept people in clan, or kick people out of clan. They have a permission to say 'for it' and 'not for it' on apps but aren't allowed to make decisions. They CAN NOT EDIT newslist, or memberlist, or any kind of list that is a part of XP forum's core (Things such as: Rules, Members, Things that are pinned on portal, etc.)

Admin level: 3.


They are red.


DM Race server:
1)They have all commands

1)They have all commands

Permissions on forum:
They can do everything on forum

Admin level: 4

~~~Registered users:

Color: /

Commands: /

DM...[Read on]

Server/Forum Rules

written by SK_Styla at Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 4:19pm

Server / Forum rules
Any violation will be punished and may result in a kick out of the [XP]clan.

Rule 1:
Moderators have to be active every 3rd day on the forum. Moderators who are inactive for more than 3 days, without an 'inactivity thread', gets immidiate demote.

Rule 2:
Members have to be active every 7th day on the forum. Member who is inactive for more than 7 days, without an 'inactivity thread', gets kicked out of the clan.

Rule 3:
Admins have to be active every 2nd day on the forum. Admin who is inactive for more than 2 days, without an 'inactivity thread', gets demoted to moderator.

Rule 4:
Admin+ don't have a time limit for inactivitation, but they have to leave a notice before they go inactive. Really inactive admin+ gets demoted.

Rule 5:
Trial-Members have to be active every 4th day on the forum. Trial-Members who are inactive for more than 4 days, without an 'inactivity thread', gets kicked immidiately.

Rule 6:
Insults are forbidden, and punishment for insults variates from warnings to demote to kick out of the clan.

Rule 7:
Player's name on server must be the same on forum. If a name is changed, a topic must be made including player's new and old name.

Rule 8:
It is not allowed, as XP-member, to be a member of another race-clan.

Rule 9:
Spam and flood is forbidden on the forum's chatbox.

Rule 10:
If a member did something wrong (not that wrong to result in an immidiate kick or ban), and doesn't wish to be kicked. With support of admin+ and owners, he can get a 1-2 week suspension from XP clan. After 1-2 weeks, he gets his old rank back but if it happens again - result will be demotion or kick out of the clan.

Rule 11:
Every XP member must respect these rules, and they apply to all without exceptions.

Rule 12:
If you get demoted or kicked, and after a while you want to come back, owners and admins+ must decide. If they vote - yes - he will be put to 2 week trial-member test.

Rule 13:
We are a family. Respect each other as you would...[Read on]