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Join Requests are OPEN!

written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Thursday, April 30th 2015, 5:59pm

Before certain time we opening status to Join Requests, so persons who wanted to join our clan now have chance. But don't forget to our changes in recruitment system which was done and announced in nearly past. I want too remind you, don't be panic or under pressure just do best in your Join Request, write about yourself everything and don't worry we'll read long stories too! Recruitment period will be in OPEN status around two or more weeks according to interest.

I know that our clan maybe isn't interesting for many persons now but we can changed it and be top in future. Nothing isn't impossible! We're preparing lot of new things, updates and new features hope we can done it also it isn't easy.

You can also invite your friends and colleagues from MTA to write Join Request to our Clan and help us to collect more applicants!

Important links:
Join Request form:
Requirements for Clan Trial:
Full list of changes in Recruitment system:

For any questions don't hesitate and contact @[XP]~Cnosi~>: or @[XP]Lisa_: we'll glad to help and support you!

Changes in Recruitment system

written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Monday, April 13th 2015, 8:13pm

Good day dear players, I want inform you about few changes and news what coming to our clan. I trying to improve each what isn't sufficient in quality and work. Changes will relate to following matters: System "for it/not for it" in Join Request, Name of applications changing into "Join request", Delete request to Moderator rank, Rebuild Join request form for Trials, Rechange Clan Trial tag. Each of these matters I'll describe in details it this topic!

System for it/not for it:
First let me explain what's it, it system for Clan Members to say if they are for or not for take applicant into Trial period and test his/her experiences. But as I seen this system have very big and bad gaps. Clan Member just saying if he is for or not for but he don't saying reason why he chosen his/her decision. So I decided to make big changes here, from now each Clan Members will say what he think about applicant, if he/she is suitable for our clan and final verdict. Let me write example:

Reason: Everytime when I join server he is there and trying to improve each matters what are wrong, he helping to players with their problems when Clan Members aren't able and players like him. He looks like helpful for us, peeps respect him and they have great opinions to him. He also scripting in LUA few years as he written in his Join request. He is very creative and can bring many ideas to server and also forum. No words I want see him in our team and spend more time with him!

Final Verdict: For it

Clan Members can find form for new system in following link:

Name of application changing into "Join request":
Many of you will saying that this just details but successful cases are built on details. In my opinion Application isn't right for it so it currently changing into "Join request".

Delete request for Moderator rank:
With Clan members we discussed to this subject and each from us voted for deleted it. Reason is that it's stupid to post next request as Member...[Read on]

Happy Easter

written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Saturday, April 4th 2015, 4:26pm

Easter or also called Pascha is holiday about celebrating resurrection of Jesus Christ from dead. In my country it's now just about meeting family and souse girls to make them younger and prolong their lifes. For me it's holiday for free days from school and relaxing with family, eating great food and enjoying sunny days. Never I know what and how people celebrating this holiday in others countries so you can teach me about it. Also I just want to wish to everyone great days from school and exams, relaxing and family meetings! Stay with us dearest players.

Map Uploader, Event & YouTube

written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Monday, February 16th 2015, 11:41pm

Map Uploader

Certainly each know that on our main server are unnecessary, old and bugged maps so I get think about it what to do with it. So what create and manage new "Map Uploader" rank like others clans. And I accepted it and got work for it, so actually we have special FTP account with permissions to just maps folder. And what person to this rank? of course Lisa because she is drudger with great ideas, she have taste to upload great, fresh and new maps and delete unpleasant maps. I hope she will be successfully!

Event #1

Event is moved to another date due by minimal involvement!

For get more players we need to make to them fun so I decided make evnet. Event will be called "MTA Masters". About what will be this event? You'll have mission to record your unbelievable and awesome trick what will wow everyone and upload it to YouTube and then send us link. Links sends to founder of event so to [XP]~Cnosi~>'s hand via PM here on our forum! And what about edit? I think that edit's skills have just few persons and for others it can be annoying and unfair but if you'll make great edit it will be just big plus to your points. And where you should record your stunt? It doesn't matter where it will be, it needn't to be recorded on our servers. But if you'll need server for record it just contact [XP]~Cnosi~>! And which category can be in competition? Drift, Stunts and Backwards.

Event Rules

  • Trick must be recorded, edited and stunted by poster otherwise disqualification!
  • Stunt must be in category of Drift, Stunts or Backwards!
  • Video need to be uploaded in YouTube!
  • Rewards will get just first 3 authors of best rated videos!
  • Each competitor have just one chance to post event video!
  • XP clan members (also trials) can join into event!


If you're ready to join in event you have to write private message here on our forum to [XP]~Cnosi~> with subject name "MTA Masters" with link to event video in YouTube! Then your own video will be added to topic of event videos
...[Read on]


written by [XP]~Cnosi~> at Monday, February 9th 2015, 1:30pm

Ignorance of rules isn’t apologize!

Using XP tag by non clan member is forbidden!

Rules can be changed everytime and without announce!

Players must respect clan members and their decisions!

Advertising or any kind of it is forbidden!

Flaming, provocation, annoying and racism willn’t be tolerated!

Administrator can decide by his way how much punished infringer!

Lying to administrator isn't allowed!

Every player have rights to ask Administrator to any useful question or support!

Multiaccount isn’t allowed just one what is your own!

Hacking, cheating and using bugs isn’t allowed!

Camping and spamming is severely forbidden!

You can’t use nickname what is already in use.

Spraying and camping near Hunter pickup isn’t allowed!

Incorrectly report of camper, spamer or of undesirable player will be take as rule break!

You should report to us every server bugs what you had seen for fix!

Main server language is English, others messages can be deleted!

Player should have same name in server and forum!

Spam and flood is forbidden on forum's shoutbox!

Double posts will be deleted!

English is language of forum and you have to use it!

Post threads in correct subforum!

If you want to apply for clan, you need to write english Join Request. It helps us understand you. It is International language and the majority of clan speaks english, therefore makes things much easier for us when dealing with requests.

User what posted Join Request to clan confirmed that he read and know rules!

It isn’t allowed to copy Join Request of another user!

If your Join Request will be rejected then calm down and don’t raging!

User can post Join Request just in recruiting time!

We’re family , respect each other as you would respect yourself!

Any punishment without proper reason will be punished, may demoted or kicked from clan!

If clan member wants to change his/her name then he/she need to consult it with (Team Manager, Server Owner).

If you get kicked
...[Read on]